Own production gives us the opportunity to take not only standard orders, but also implement your projects on an individual order.
  • Russian production of raised floor systems
    Taking into account long-term experience we selected the best materials, we work with the most conscientious suppliers. The production is equipped with modern European equipment. Our engineers make modifications to the equipment in order to improve the quality of products. Given the growing demand, we are launching new lines.
    Plate Catalog
  • Russian production of interior doors
    Recently we have launched a new direction for the production of interior doors. Interior doors are distinguished by high quality materials, affordable prices and a variety of design solutions.

    Door Catalog
  • Russian production of laminated wall panels
    HPL plastic used for laminated wall panels is an innovative material that allows you to recreate any design solutions in the premises. With high performance properties, HPL offers a wide range of decors from solid colors Monolore, to unique stone textures Stony or elegant Wooden.
    Among the main advantages of HPL-panels it is worth noting: light resistance, moisture resistance, heat resistance, shock resistance, sound insulation. Variety of decors and resistance to household chemicals.
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