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What do you know about the raised floor?

We will not go much deeper into the history – in a more usual form for us, the raised floor system
was developed by Russian designers, for the arrangement of premises with a variety of
communications and access to them.

The Ostankino TV tower (1967year) is a well-known large project, during the construction of which
raised floors were involved. In the future, the idea of using raised floors gradually introduced into
the construction of administrative buildings.


Foreign companies were faster than our compatriots-they intercepted the idea of introducing raised
floor systems, patented it and then widely applied in their market.

However, the raised floor is still found in the buildings being restored by us, the plates are so
beautiful and original in their performance (the upper coating is natural parquet, along the
perimeter – brass edging, instead of PVC edge) that even

there is no desire to replace them, and we try by any means to preserve and restore their splendor.
So same these plates of often differ size of from familiar for us standard 600*600mm in greater
side (800*800).

The modern raised floor system on the one hand was simplified, but on the other hand the floor
became more technological and now it is not just plates on racks, but the whole technological

  1.    Edge-in modern production, ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) edge is mainly used. It is a
    durable impact-resistant thermoplastic, which does not contain harmful substances, as well as very
    easy to use and handle. The edge is applied along the perimeter of the plate, prevents moisture
    from entering the product and, as a consequence, deformation-swelling. And in case of a fire in the
    underground space (damaged cable, etc.) edge ABS foams up and seals the boards to each other,
    thus, prevents the ingress of air required for combustion, which in result contributes to the
    attenuation of the fire.
  2.  A steel sheet or foil glued to the bottom of the plate forms a screen that, when grounded, relieves
    static voltage in the room.
  3.  A variety of top coatings – from common antistatic PVC, to avoid the accumulation of static
    voltage, to conductive PVC, used in medical institutions, for example in the x-ray room or "clean"
    rooms. Own production allows us to apply for the top covering of plates any materials used for a
  4.  Another advantage of our own production is any size and geometric shapes of plates, as well as
    an individual approach to the required loads, which allows us to solve any problem, as a classic
    application in offices, data centers, storage facilities, and more serious – the use of plates in
    showrooms, where each plate has a multi-ton load.
  5.  And we can not mention the novelty of our production. It is a steel-based slab (coated with a
    powder enamel resistant to corrosion), with a top coating of larch. These plates, finally, allow you
    to use the raised floor system in the open air, because resistant to moisture. Now the raised floor
    can be used on open terraces, in the pool area, exploited roofs, etc.
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