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The cost of the raised floor

Great attention is paid to the quality and properties of the floor covering of the raised floor plate and its safety during design creation of premises for various purposes. The duration of operation and functionality of the premises in the future depends on these characteristics.

The peculiarity of the raised floor design is a niche (underground space) for engineering communications. The underfloor space between the subfloor base and the raised floor panel saves space and serves. Using such a space there is no need to think about where to find an appropriate place for communications, because all communications will be compactly laid in the underground space between the floor cement screed and the raised floor panel.

In addition, the presence of a raised floor in the room will allow you to replace any component of the raised floor system or dismantle individual communications quickly.

All INTERFLOOR products are manufactured on imported professional equipment, which allows us to offer high-class products and competitive Russian prices.

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