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Characteristic of floor

Raised floor is a comfortable and simple design with a low cost of 1 m2, has a wide range of applications. The simplicity of its usage lies directly in the installation of the coating and in operation.

Adjustable floor which is manufactured according to modern technologies, allows optimal usage of space and has a number of advantages for owners of premises.

  • multivariance of workplaces` installation
  • freedom of design decisions
  • construction cost savings
  • optimization of the load on the floor
  • parts replacement warranty
  • easy installation
  • the absence of wet processes during installation
The qualitative covering of the raised floor panel should have the following characteristics:

  • Easy installation and convenient control of communications;
  • Long life. The construction is not only compact, but also able to be long in service due to resistance;
  • Possibility to change the layout. It is easy to change the floors during replanning of rooms

The construction of the adjustable floor is based on a metal frame, which gives the product durability. The frame includes supports and a face covering in the form of tiles or laminate. All together is a solid construction for usage at various types of premises.

  • The cost of the raised floor

  • Сharacteristic of floor

  • Purpose and benefits of coating

  • Cost and quality

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