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Currently the most popular and popular type of products is a standard raised floor for office premises with a base coating foil / foil, size 600mm*600mm. About 20 000 m2 of products is shipped from our factory per month. In addition to standard plates, we are interested in taking up individual orders and looking for new solutions for the tasks set by the Client.
  • Plates based on chipboard 38mm
    The optimal ratio of price, quality and functionality.
  • Plates based on calcium sulfate 36mm
    They are used for premises with high fire safety requirements.
  • ECOinterfloor (suitable for the street)
    Suitable for use on terraces, in the pool area, exploited roof, etc.
  • Cam board of raised floor
    For finishing the floor in the shortest possible time, without wet processes
  • Non-standard size plates
    Plates according to individual sizes and customer requirements
  • Components
    Everything you need for high-quality installation of the raised floor

Raised floor plate

Raised floor consists of interconnected parts. These are plates, a panel and racks with a support. On how high quality will be each of them depends on the reliability of the design. To choose the right product and not lose, you need to know some features.

In appearance, the raised floor plate is presented in the form of a flat surface on which the front part is located. The main purpose of this element is to evenly distribute the load, providing sound insulation and fire safety. In this regard, there are different materials from which these elements are produced.

For example, standard raised floor panels made of aluminum are used in areas with moderate load such as offices or commercial and warehouse buildings. And steel products are useful under heavy loads in industrial or technical enterprises. Their purpose is similar, but the wear resistance is markedly different.

Durable raised floor tiles in addition to these properties is resistant to moisture. On top of it is easy to fit additional reliable coating. The versatility of the product makes it convenient when dismantling or adjusting the floor covering.

  • The cost of the raised floor

  • Сharacteristic of floor

  • Purpose and benefits of coating

  • Cost and quality

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